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Hello and welcome

DreamTrack is an organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI) youth. We provide small group mentoring and bring together children from the ages of 7 to 17 on a monthly basis to engage in social, cultural and spiritual activities in a fun, safe and friendly setting. Each DreamTrack day aims to promote cultural identity, resilience and life skills. Our goal is to see DreamTrack kids develop a healthy, positive identity.

We want to help them achieve the skills and resources needed to embrace life, culture and their community.

About us

DreamTrack aims to facilitate the growth of strong, resilient young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults. A concerted effort is made to include in each program, opportunities for youth to develop culturally, personally and socially. This ideology is taken from the Circle of Courage model of empowering youth through shared values of belonging, generosity, independence, and achievement. These values, entwined with DreamTrack’s mentoring program, creates a safe, nurturing environment where A&TSI children can develop into strong, resilient young people who know how to deal with whatever life throws them.

What We Do

At DreamTrack we have a Deadly time!

Our adventures are full of fun, leaving both kids smiling and staff laughing as we try to keep up.  Over the course of the year we run many events.

Each of these activities promotes personal growth, where our youth learn valuable life skills.   While these activities are highlights, what makes it an experience is our dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate with being positive role models, building strong future leaders.

Adventure Activities

Rock Climbing, Snorkeling/Diving, Camping


Basketball, Watersports (Skiing, Tubing) Kayaking/Canoeing, Archery, Footy

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities where we connect with elders and learn about country and culture (eg. Arts, Dance, Crafts)

Arcade Activities

Bowling and Laser Tag

Positive Development of Self-Worth

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At DreamTrack we create a safe space for young people in a group where they can experience belonging.  This allows our staff and kids to form friendships and learn from each other.  DreamTrack is about sharing and journeying through life together.